Put us out of business, please…

Business Travel Compensation (BTC) was born from a personal frustration at rail delays. As technology experts and innovators, we took it upon ourselves to create an automated solution for travel management companies (TMCs) to claim and feed Delay Repay compensation to organisations and their business travellers. We thought “we can do that”, so we did.

And very successfully, considering the feedback we receive from customers. But during a recent interview for a business travel publication, it slipped out - our plea to the rail industry to put us out of business. Because really, wouldn’t it be amazing if we didn’t need to worry about compensating travellers for delayed or cancelled trains?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to get to your meeting on time? Imagine arriving and focussed on your goal for the day. Imagine how pleased your deodorant would be. It wouldn’t have to work so hard because you wouldn’t be a) stressed about being late and b) perspiring from all the sprinting between platforms and to your meeting location.

And who knows, our plea to the rail industry may have been heard. This week, Rail Delivery Group RDG), announced a new summer timetable, including 1,000 extra services per week. Overall, 6,400 additional services are expected to be added between 2017 and the early 2020s, delivering more frequent trains for passengers and better connecting towns and cities across the country.

In theory, if there are more services coming through our stations, there’s less chance of us being late. If the first service is cancelled, there’s another one right behind it, right? We’ll see how that pans out and do hope that the lessons from last year’s disruptive summer timetable change have been learned. We’re also keeping one eye on the Williams Rail Review and the series of ‘evidence papers it has begun to share. The first on (The Role of the Railway) does acknowledge business travel, even if it is only two paragraphs in 40 pages.

In the meantime, corporate buyers and TMCs can be assured that their Delay Repay challenges are over. While we wait for the rail industry to put us out of business, budgets/purses/wallets can be given a boost with eligible compensation claims and payments, and we’ll do all the work.

Just in time too, as our managing director, Sarah Dalby, heard at the 2019 Business Travel Show, travel buyers are now asking for Delay Repay solutions within their TMC tenders (more on that here).