The benefits of using an automated rail compensation service to offer 100% compensation back to your clients

There's so much in news at the moment reference the recent rail price increases and that research shows that the punctuality of trains has hit a 13-year low, it's no wonder rail passengers get frustrated. Why should we be paying more for a service when the train doesn't actually arrive on time and therefore causes disruption to the rest of your day?

Now it's not up to us to resolve the punctuality of the national rail service, but there are certainly ways in which we can support travellers in overcoming barriers with eligible compensation.

Did you know that you can claim for a delayed rail service if it is 30 minutes late departing your station? On some rail networks that’s been decreased to 15 minutes. Delay Repay (DR) is a priority for the government with the recent Department for Transport publication on Rail Delays and Compensation 2018 Report highlighting the importance of raising the awareness of compensation processes. The report claims that:

  • 26% of eligible passengers were unaware they could claim compensation under the DR30 scheme.
  • 35% of passengers chose not to claim for their most recent DR30 eligible journey.
  • 28% of passengers didn't even think about claiming.
  • 7% chose not to claim even though they knew they were eligible to do so.

These statistics demonstrate two things:

  1. Despite the awareness of compensation being relatively high, not enough is being done to explain the entitlements.
  2. Those that are aware are choosing not to claim. Is this because the process is too complex and considered more hassle than it's worth? If you were delayed coming back on a flight from your holiday, you wouldn't think twice about claiming for compensation, so why shouldn't you for a rail delay?

The individual Train Operating Companies (TOCs) have their individual compensation policies but let's be honest, who has the time and patience to read through the small print and process each claim individually? That's why using an automated compensation service can offer multiple benefits for customers to make their claim.

At Tracsis Travel Compensation Services we've successfully processed more than 3.1 million claims, of which 2.3 million were automatically settled, resulting in £12.7 million cost reduction and a total of nearly one million happy customers. How have we achieved this? Simple – we make the customer claim process as painless as possible by offering an automated processing claims system with Travel Management Companies (TMCs) that saves both time and money and guarantees 100% compensation to the company.

So, what are the benefits and why should a service like Business Travel Compensation, be considered as a key priority for your business moving forward?

  • A service that will complement and benefit Travel Management Companies (TMCs), HR personnel, finance leaders and the business traveller by providing a compliant and transparent solution for business travel compensation.
  • It reduces the stress for business travellers of having to complete their own claim submission which can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Wellbeing should always be a priority within any business and this service supports that.
  • It's a solution that is already endorsed by many of the TOCs and will support TMCs, Corporates and business travellers, providing the functionality to monitor every single journey of corporate business travellers, at zero cost.
  • The propriety system will identify and alert any audited opportunities where the traveller has occurred rail delays and/or cancellations, ensuring the business reclaims 100% of any compensation they are entitled to; via their TMC.
  • Acts as the intermediary solutions provider to manage with the relevant TOC all the necessary details to carry out the claim and ensure 100% of the compensation is paid back accordingly to the Corporate, via the TMC.

Is it time to start reviewing your travel policy and incorporate a travel compensation service as part of your proposition? If so, get in touch.