Clarity partners with Business Travel Compensation to provide 100% rail compensation to clients

Clarity, the business travel experts, has partnered with Tracsis Travel Compensation Services to provide a 100% 'Delay Repay' compensation service offering to its clients.

Tracsis Travel Compensation Services (TCS) is the leading automation and software service provider operating for and on behalf of the UK rail Industry, providing automation for Delay Repay (DR) claims management solutions to Train Operating Companies (TOCs). Earlier this summer, Tracsis TCS launched their new proposition to the business travel industry – Business Travel Compensation – a service that will complement and benefit Travel Management Companies (TMCs), HR teams, and the business traveller by providing a compliant and transparent solution for business travel; ensuring 100% of the compensation due is passed back through the TMC and ultimately to their clients and their travellers.

When things go wrong, and passengers experience delays and cancellations to their rail journeys, they rightly expect to be promptly compensated for the disruption caused. The partnership between Clarity and Business Travel Compensation provides a valuable solution for the end client, to ensure organisations and business travellers are supported fully through the claims process and that they receive their full compensation entitlement.

Sarah Dalby, Managing Director of Tracsis TCS, had this to say on the partnership: "We're delighted to have partnered with Clarity, our first TMC that has recognised the need for this ancillary service to complement their existing rail offering to their corporate clients. We've spent the last five years enhancing our DR claims management solution in the consumer market and believe that the business travel industry needs our innovative proposition to drive value across the industry."

Following on from the initial data analysis, it was identified that by integrating the Business Travel Compensation solution into Clarity's technology, that they would be eligible for approximately 3% in compensation claims of their annual rail spend.

Colin Birchenough, Head of Commercial at Clarity supports the partnership by saying: "We're continually reviewing our proposition to ensure we're market leaders and seen as the business travel experts. We recognise the need for innovative solutions and look to experts such as TCS to support us in the delivery. By offering a DR compensation solution where we can ensure our clients receive 100% of the compensation they are entitled, Business Travel Compensation will support us in the development and growth strategy of our existing rail offering."