The new compensation service for the corporate business travel market

Travel Compensation Services (TCS) is the leading automation and software service provider operating for and on behalf of the UK rail Industry, providing automation for Delay Repay (DR) claims management solutions to Train Operating Companies (TOCs). Recently purchased by Tracsis plc, TCS’ focus has always been on the consumer evidenced through partnering with TOCs to provide simple, straightforward compliant processes facilitating the submission of claims. TCS provide a valuable service to over half a million travellers (both season ticket holders and daily travellers) who have experienced delays or cancellations with their rail travel through this strategic approach.

The initiative first came about in August 2013 to deliver a central automated claims management system for rail commuters to process claims without having to go direct to the individual TOC. Since TCS started they have processed 865,309 claims, of which 546,813 were automatically settled. Of those not settled, they achieved £1,273,186 in cost reductions, resulting in a total of 246,168 satisfied customers.

Now it’s time that this best kept secret looks to support the business travel industry…

As a tried and tested solution, TCS will soon be launching their new proposition to the business travel industry – Business Travel Compensation - a service that will complement and benefit Travel Management Companies (TMCs), HR teams, and the business traveller by providing a compliant and transparent solution for business travel; ensuring 100% of the compensation due is passed back through the TMC and ultimately to their clients and their travellers.

Sarah Dalby, Managing Director of TCS, had this to say on the new proposition: “We believe this is the right time for us to support the business travel industry. We have the right solution, endorsed by many of the TOCs, to support TMCs, organisations and business travellers. Business travellers should also be entitled to compensation, and what this compensation will be, will be agreed within the travel & HR policies with individual organisations; delivered and managed by TMCs who already provide a number of existing services.

The debate around Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) rules shouldn’t dilute this message, the industry agrees that business travellers are entitled to compensation, that’s the view from our TOC partners and Rail Delivery Group (RDG).

We’re very excited for the future of Business Travel Compensation, we’re in live discussions with TMCs, Ticket Retailers, and confirmed there is a strong appetite for a solution of this kind that they’d like to offer their own clients.

And it won’t stop there. Although our primary focus is on rail, it’s our intention to move onto other commodities such as air and ground transportation – providing an all-round ‘Business Travel Compensation’ solution and driving further value for TMCs and their clients.”