Why TMCs should differentiate themselves from competitors by offering 100 per cent compensation their business travellers

We recently announced our partnership with business travel experts, Clarity to provide a 100% 'Delay Repay' compensation service offering to its clients. Why are we doing this? To increase the awareness of eligible compensation to passengers.

A recent report by the Department for Transport (DfT) revealed figures which showed that 41% of passengers had experienced a delay which was eligible for compensation, and that the number of passengers claiming compensation for journeys delayed by 30 minutes or more had risen by 4% to 39% compared with a similar survey undertaken two years ago. These figures demonstrate the steady increase in claims undertaken, but is enough happening within the business travel industry in ensure eligible claims are compensated?

We’ve highlighted some of the key benefits as to why Travel Management Companies (TMCs) should be offering a compensation service to their clients:

    1. Enhanced service providing added value.

    From what we can see, only a handful of TMCs have adopted some form of ‘Delay Repay’ compensation service to its clients there is an opportunity for you to differentiate yourselves from your competitors and complement your current service offering.

    Clients are always looking for added value and additional services to the main travel management product. By becoming a differentiator within the marketplace, you can offer an enhanced service, providing added value. Why should clients be out of pocket for delayed or cancelled travel plans that are out of their control?

    2. Duty of care to the client and its employees.

    It’s not just about booking rail tickets anymore, TMCs should be seen to be looking after travellers throughout their entire journey. The majority of TMCs will provide some form of ‘traveller tracking’ service for their clients, but do they have up-to-date records of all delayed/cancelled journeys where their travellers have been affected? As part of their duty of care, TMCs should have access to this information to understand the impact to their clients and their employees. Have they been so delayed it’s caused disruption to business meetings where they’ve arrived late or missed altogether which affects business objectives. Alternatively, the delay may be their return journey which may have resulted in parents not being able to pick children up or missed personal plans. This needs to be recognised by the business to ensure employees feel valued and where possible, some form of internal compensation rewarded.

    3. Stress-free.

    By integrating into your systems, the process of claiming compensation on behalf of clients is painless and stress-free for their business travellers. The process below demonstrates how Business Travel Compensation manages the end-to-end claims process on behalf of the traveller, allowing the individual and the Corporate to focus on their business growth objectives.


Train Operating Companies (TOCs) are aware they need to increase the awareness of people claiming for eligible compensation and they’ve already endorsed the solution provided by Business Travel Compensation to support TMCs, Corporates and business travellers, providing the functionality to monitor every single journey of corporate business travellers, at zero cost.

If you want to know more on how Business Travel Compensation can support your business with its business travel compensation – contact the team today.